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Af te halen: onderdelen T700 / Gevraagd: onderdelen T700

Datum:  Sun, 19 Oct 2003 18:30:15 +0200
Van: "mwbrenna" <>
Having recently purchased a T700 Royal I have also found the following spares that may be of interest to someone.
Windscreen for T700, Engine 688cc for T700 in parts, gearbox, all of the parts are not in my possession but can be obtained should anyone really need them. The engine seems to be in poor condition and it looks like there's no starter/alternator. I don't know if the gearbox is working. There might also be other parts but I'll have to find out what's in those heaps of rubbish at the back of these peoples garages.
I am looking for door and window rubber sets for my T700 Royal and a left hand side sun visor, and front fire wall rubber mats,  hubcaps? The vehicle says 1961 on the manufactures plate and the chassis number is 60 048 345 on the warranty and plate, eng no 70.051165